Wake UP!

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Sometimes I catch my mind mourning over things that never came to be in the light I envisioned. It takes me back to sleep to a place so real my emotional body reacts with sadness and grief. Then I remember it’s my mind acting out of habit again. That I actually LOVE my life NOW and where I’m going and … Read More

Good Morning..

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I LOVE this guy!  Check it out: Only the man who can consciously assent to the power of the inner voice becomes a personality and only a personality can find a proper place in the collectivity; only personalities have the power to create a community, that is, to become integral parts of a human group and not merely a number … Read More


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Just got on the retinol wagon. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking “what the heck” a retinol is.  Well there are a few differenct types of retinols, including retinoid and retina.  Long story short (but I recommend researching, they basically take off dead skin and tighten.  The difference is the strength.  I’ve learned there are those that also thin … Read More

Foundation vs Tinted Moisturizer! The War Is ON!

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Lately I’ve decided to completely boycott foundation on myself.   My skin wasn’t transitioning well coming from the humid climate of South Beach and moving to NYC last fall.  Given my newly dry skin, foundation just accentuated the dryness and looked cakey.  So I’ve since opted for tinted moisturizer.  I use it EXACTLY as I would a foundation with regards to … Read More