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4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive

4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive

For the boss in you!

4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive

Productivity and a creative mind are simultaneous cross currents, it’s true. But they don’t have to be. It took me a little research on what worked for others and practice with time managment to be able to appease both sides of my brain.

Below are 4 of my tried and true basic techniques.

4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive

1. Have a routine.

I work for myself and as challenging as it is to stay diligent and operate within a routine, I find that when I do I’m more peaceful, which equals more productivity. Doing the planning is half the battle. I started with this video from Marie Forleo: Work Life Balance; Create Your Work From Home Schedule. Check it out!

2. Get moving and exercise.

Even if it’s 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill, it will shift my frequency. I have found that some stresses can be alleviated with meditation. Others require me to get moving. Knowing the difference has been a process and has gotten clearer with time. I’m sure it will be the same with you!

3. Journal.

I get the most clear truths about myself, my needs and my intentions through daily journaling. You might remember what I wrote about it in this post Will Write for Makeup. It’s come to be a form of meditation. I get irritable and heavy if I go too many days without doing it.

4. Have fun!

All work and no play makes Kris a dull girl. I read this EVERYWHERE and it’s still the hardest part to incorporate into all the rest of my life. I see my friends mostly when they’re helping me with my daughter because I have to work to keep my income flowing.  Making it easy to put my inner child on the back burner.  So I pick one day a week (most weeks) and detach and do something OFFLINE. I come back twice as charged and inspired to execute that next great idea!

I hope this helps.

What are some ways you promote productivity in your life?

What hasn’t worked in the past?

Remember to be as specific as possible to help all who read this.

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