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Wedding Makeup; 8 Tips for Today’s Bride

Wedding Makeup

There are a million things to consider when planning the  picture perfect wedding day.  It is my hopes that this post will alleviate one of them: your wedding makeup.  From airbrush or traditional foundation, to pink or red lips, I’ll cover the basics and why. Ps – a lot of this also applies to hair.

    1. How to find the best makeup artist. There is an array of resources to find an artist, one just has to know where to look.  My clients often find me via word of mouth.  But there are also an array of other options to source beauty vendors from.  A couple examples include The Knot and Weddingwire, where you can see reviews from other brides.  The Thumbtack app is also a great source.  And lastly, the salon where you get your hair done.  These are far from all of the sources but a great place to start nonetheless.

    1. Never Skip the Trial. Skipping the trial is not a great way to slash the grey area of things going wrong on a day when something inevitably always does.  I know it may be tempting when considering the budget but in the long run, the pictures are (hopefully) forever and you want to look back and see your best version of YOU. With that – DO A TRIAL IT’S WORTH IT. The right artist should be a ninja at listening to your needs and not only be able to customize your look but also be able to replicate it on the day of.
    2. Come Prepared to the Trial. Whether you wear makeup on the regular or hardly ever do there are easy things you can do to ensure you and your artist are on the same page. Picture references are fool proof. What you consider a ‘heavy’ look may not be heavy to the artist so it’s always great to find a few images of things you like. My favorite way to do this with clients is to create a Pinterest board. If you’re not into that, a google search or search via hashtag on Instagram are also great options. Here’s what a hashtag is:
    3. Airbrush or traditional foundation makeup? Airbrush makeup is 99.9% of the time my recommendation for weddings. While it is slightly more in cost (as the makeup is pricier and the service is a special skill), the payoff is certainly worth it.  Airbrush makeup is a light mist that, when applied properly,  will cover almost any skin flaw, last all day/night, can be custom formulated for your exact skin tone(s)  and looks amazing in photos. I use a silicone-based formula that is lightweight and, as I always say, it is ‘sweat proof, cry proof, dance proof and drunk proof”.  Traditional makeups can be made waterproof with proper mixing mediums but time is of the essence on days like this and if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

  1. Be YOU. There is no rule that says you have to look a certain way on your day. But you DO need to feel your best. So don’t come with a Kylie Jenner makeup reference if it’s not who you are. You will feel uncomfortable and the camera misses nothing.
  2. Drink tons of water. I had a bride in New York who drank a tons of water 2-3 months prior to her day and her skin was a complete 180 from how it looked at the trial we’d done six months earlier.  She had an even skin tone and was perfectly hydrated for the day of. It will also speed up metabolism amongst a triad of other benefits. Google is your friend on that one.
  3. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner – FOR SURE. Whether you’re a cryer or not, better safe than sorry. This also goes for those in your wedding party and especially for the moms.
  4. Stain those lips! Liquid matte lipstick formulas and lip stains are my everything right now. The liquid matte lipsticks stay all day, can be customized and have a stain. Lip stains are great as well for a lighter coverage and last. And gloss can be added to either to change the texture or touch up. And you’re good to go!

There you have it. My two cents on the basics! Comments are always welcome!

If you’d like to know more I’m available for consultations and lessons live or via Skype!

And be sure to add me @KRISDELARENTA and my company @KDLRBEAUTYLABS on social media!!




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