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A Note on the Haters in Your Life

A lot of people will always have a lot to say.

Everyone is ultimately viewing their world through their own experiences and conditioning. Their own lens if you will. For better or worse, some will see your amazingness while others will view your present as your entirety instead of the phase within this process of life that it is. If your present isn’t yet your full potential, if you’re in the building aspect of your best self (which I think we always are) – this may sting a little.

People can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.

Know that what they see is about them not you. Some have come through and befriended their own shadows and are able to view your present and past openly. And those that aren’t yet able – will project their model of the world onto you and/or try to convince you as such – as a subconscious means to avoid having to look at themselves, do the work and evolve.

Keep going and F the haters.

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A Note on the Haters in Your Life

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