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Acts of Service

What Shade of Service are you?

acts of service

Are your moves solely about you or are they to serve others? Do you approach people and opportunities from a place of what you can take or what you can bring to the table?

For me, I’ve learned service is nothing short of a small shift in perspective and intent that yields a gargantuosly different outcome when applied.

What does it mean to be of service?

Service can look like many different things and we all bring our own flair based on our flame.

I like to look at service like I look at spirituality. Each of us has our own path to truth and within that, our own fingerprint for how serving others is expressed.

Anything I do can be an act of service when I position myself and what I’m doing from a place of what I’m bringing to the table or adding to the situation instead of what I can take away.

Sidenote: this does NOT mean allowing oneself to be walked on. Balance and boundaries are essential.

I’ve found that this shift from utter selfishness inevitably creates connection, positive flow and even outcomes I’d not imagined within my spectrum of possibilities, like a domino effect.

We get back what we put out. Maybe not immediately, but always eventually. Share on X

Trust me. It’s messy, but it’s worth it.

I’ve been writing and journaling since I was nine. What started as a way to self soothe, explore and heal has turned into a creative process I express as posts on this blog.

You guys sharing, commenting, emailing and even seeing me out locally in Tampa and confirming how they impact you have validated to me that what I love doing so much has evolved into a means of helping others.

Which also validates I’m not fucking alone in this magnificant yet messy journey called life. So thank you.

And in an industry where a lot of people are out for doing whatever will get them to the top the fastest regardless of integrity or remaining in one’s personal truth, I’m proud to be where I am even as I strive for more.

Let’s get real.

I’m no saint. None of us are.

I’m writing this as a heads-up to spare you the self judgement and guilt I went through for a long time because my service didn’t look like other people’s service.

Service isn’t a competition. It’s an invitation to authenticity. Share on X

Creating  is my lifeline to growing.

I like to provoke thought, bend the status quo, inspire, laugh and muse strength by being as real as I know how to be about where I am in this current version of myself within this life that is my art.

Sprinkled with boughts of profanity.

And this is just one way I like to give back.

What’s your flavor? Can you relate?

Mantra love:

  • Make every move with intention.
  • Always be true to yourself.
  • Values baby. Values…
Acts of Service

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