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Anyway that says it’s the only way is NOT the way.

Shine beyond it.

Anyway that says it’s the only way is NOT the way
Anyway that says it’s the only way is NOT the way

In my world, I see 7 billion people on this planet. Each spirited person with their own path to growth and discovery. Their own shade of spark and hue of brilliance to express here. 

What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. What an epic loss of potential experience and adventure it would be for me to devalue someone else’s path and contribution to our evolution merely because it differs from mine. 

We are all deserving of being here or we would not be. Every stance, every movement of dance and newness, every exposure of that which no longer works which in turn creates space for the necessary and inevitable next-level.

What would happen if we live and let live while remaining in our own truth and expressing our own needs and inspirations? 

What would happen if everyone heard: “You matter. More than you know. And owning your worth doesn’t have to come at the cost of others.” 

True power doesn’t need to be sucked from someone else through manipulation in order to have it. True power is the result of bravery and discovery only an inward journey pays. The one most people won’t take so they seek outward and blame. 

It comes from and at the same time creates that place of spark and brilliance.

This is my word:

If you are on the other end of hate, racism and abuse – don’t back down from your passions. Don’t own the projections from people who don’t have the courage to go inside and learn who they are for themselves.

Don’t let another person’s lack mentality stand in your way and steal your fucking shine. 

“No one is you. And THAT is your superpower.”

“No one is you. And THAT is your superpower.” Share on X

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