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Are you Healing or Hiding?

are you healing or hiding

Checking in

I know a lot of people are struggling with the uncertainty of losing jobs, jacked unemployment application processes and businesses closing temporarily or shutting down all together.

Personally, my business came to a halt, minus future dated events and digital endeavors, and although the world is opening back up here in Florida, I’m still required to home school. Granted, that is only for a few more weeks. 

Within mommy-ing full time, business loan & grant application processes and business strategy shifts, doused with learning new levels of self care and time management, what I THOUGHT this quarantine would look like in the beginning is NOT how it played out.

Something far better did: A lot of soul-needs have been met and shifted for the better.

A microcosm of the macrocosm

While that is not meant to negate or invalidate the aforementioned real life shit happening right now.

It seems to me, and many are already aware, that the entire worldly system shifting is also a reflection of what’s going on with us internally. Can you feel it?

Powerlessness is a powerful place to be.


I’ve been talking with many friends who I consider family throughout this time and the pattern is clear. It seems to me that we each have our own unique lessons and awakening to experience now, if we allow it.

Perhaps we’re being taught:

  • Adaptability
  • How much we have to offer the world
  • Self care and spiritual maintenance
  • Our true needs
  • The ability to clearly see the quality of our closest relationships, including the one with ourselves (for better or for worse)
  • The inner and outer belief systems and obstacles that have been blocking us from our authentic self and true potential
  • The value in giving up an addiction
  • Why we choose or have chosen abusive partners
  • How to be alone and the fears surrounding that
  • How to be alone and be happy
  • What our real dreams are

..just to name a few. It’s juicy stuff!

I've learned the most about myself when I've been brought to my knees. Share on X

Ways to Self Soothe

Self soothing is like spirituality. There are as many ways to do it as there are humans on this planet and our path is our own. Only by having an open mind and trial and error have I found what works for me.

Exercise and Outside

The inability to find a cruiser bike in stock from Amazon, Walmart or Target has made it obvious that many people have already discovered getting outside and moving our body as a great way to connect, change our state and release the pent up energy.

My nugget and I have been walking and hover boarding almost daily. I’m still on the bike hunt!

P.S. Sex counts as exercise.

Meditation and Knowing Thyself

Coincidentally (or not), a weekly meditation class series I’d been eyeing for almost a year started the second week into shut downs. I figured I may as well do it in a setting where I can easily hold myself accountable for the one practice I knew would help me the most through all of this. 

Yes, the VERY practice I knew I would NOT do unless I set myself up!

So I tricked my undisciplined mind (which I do often), invested in my sanity and signed up for the first two levels. That’s 12 weeks of intense meditation! GO HARD OR GO HOME, right?

Regardless, it’s working. And I’m certain it’s the catalyst for shifting what’s come up within the COVID catalyst. Talk about levels.


Going back to what I loved doing as a child sort of happened organically in all of this. I know my inner child, I know she needs LOTS of play and I know prior to COVID she wasn’t getting any of it.

Naturally, when I saw the announcement that same week that the Andi Matheny Acting Studios was starting a Meisner Acting Class in an online group space, I jumped in!

This is also something I’d wanted to do for years, but mommy-ing and my work schedule always conflicted, pushing it too far down on my priority list to execute.

Aside from upping my on-screen game, I’ve discovered the added bonus of growing into a new community of artists in the process, which is both inspiring and combating the alone-ness of the quarantine. WIN/WIN!

Online Group Settings

What all of these experiences within these circumstances has taught me is that a. I need people, we all do and b. These group settings, that allow me to connect with others in a creative and safe space, have been pivotal for keeping me sane during all of this. 

Perhaps filling my schedule that second week was how I coped with wherever I was within all of this. But I’m a variety kinda gal, I thrive in many things happening at once and I wasn’t sure when I’d get another opportunity to do ANY of this so I went for it!

Can you relate?

Strengthen your circle

My new weekly online makeup workshops start July 2020. If you heal like I do and you’re ready to play, create and strengthen your makeup techniques, I invite you to join me for it!

As you’ve read, a lot is coming up for many of us and self care can take many forms. Ready for the WKND was created in the name of taking some time out to detach from the obvious, meet new people and have fun while learning techniques you can use now and in whatever version of the world that comes next. 

Makeup is not only healing, it’s empowering. Share on X

All ages, skin types and tones are welcome to join!

The class starts in July 2020. Sign up now!

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