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    Boost Your Beauty Business with Mindfulness and Intention: A Practical Guide

    Mindful Beauty Entrepreneurship: Strategies for Success with Kristin de la Renta

    In the beauty industry, where creativity and personal touch can significantly impact your success, incorporating mindfulness and intention can make a big difference. Let’s explore how these concepts can be applied in a practical sense to enhance your business operations, client interactions, and overall brand ethos, along with examples to get you started. Understanding Mindfulness […]

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    Our Purpose is Our Power

    Image depicting the concept of healing and personal growth, representing the themes of empowerment and spiritual elevation from the 'Our Purpose is Our Power' blog post on

    When what Used to Work Stops Working The reason the old ways of doing things aren’t working at all or the way they used to is because the world as a whole is healing and, as such, vibrating at an escalating frequency.  We are being called to realign. I say this despite what my eyes […]

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    The Mirror of Resistance

    A Cosmic Paradox

    The Mirror of Resistance

    The Cosmic Paradox Sometimes it’s easier to see things in others than it is to see them in ourselves. Whether this is due to ego, trauma or a simple lack of reference, I’ve learned over the years that the character traits and/or behaviors I’m noticing the most in others, for better or worse, are typically […]

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    Winter Wardrobe Skincare Favorites 2022!

    (NYC & FL!)

    Winter wardrobe skincare favorites 2022

    Hello Beauties!  Happy New Year from Manhattan NYC! Sounds glamorous, I know, but it’s legit BRICK out. (i.e. cold af.) Last week we had a wind chill of -1 degrees (do you even plural that?) and today’s high was 25.  All that is to say, living here really is a lifestyle, and as much as […]

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    Life Update & Reintro

    That thing I must do before I die.

    Life Update & Reintro

    Checking in How have things been in your world? I started this off with “it’s been an intense month..” but then quickly erased it as in actuality the intensity has been hitting in varying flavors since the onset of Covid last year. No, this isn’t going to be a post laced with the politics of […]

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    My Current Skincare Routine

    my current skincare routine

    Totally feeling my current skincare routine!  You can catch the whole video over on IGTV by clicking this link! Our skincare process can shift based on seasonal, body and lifestyle changes so if yours isn’t working, change it up! Full transparency, I’m still getting used to editing, etc so strap in for the ride! Cleanser: […]

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    NYC Dreamin’ OOTD

    Vibin’ these days like..

    NYC Dreamin' OOTD

    It’s starting to feel like the dream I had when I was a little girl. Maybe it’s the gold clashing with the black, or the denim linking the patent pumps that makes it some kind of vibe… Or the nude lips and eye shadow hues to pop the blue/green in my eyes and honor the […]