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Beauty Tip Submissions

What colors rock out with your skintone?
What are your biggest obstacles when it comes to makeup and skincare?
What are your nagging skin issues you’d like to resolve?
How does what you eat affect your skin and wellbeing?

Walking into the cosmetics department of a department store with personal insecurities around fancy looking women dressed to the 9s can be intimidating.  Sephora can be a hit or miss.  Ordering off the internet based on a description has way too much grey area.  And the person who’s youtube channel you’re watching and taking advice from is either 10 years younger than you or has a totally different skin type.

So what do you do?

With the help of my trusty sidekick Stan at Triple Sun Studios, I’ve had my nose to the grind designing & developing this website & blog so you can ask me JUST THAT!  The slate is clean and my foundation is built on a hurricane proof primer! So let me take my expertise to the next level and HEAR FROM YOU-my virtual and live clients!

You can hit me up with a message or a comment and let me know what beauty tip you’d like to learn on this blog!

Be sure to forward it to your bestie too!

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