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Birthday Reflections

Birthday Reflections

Don’t ask me for a number because I’m a lady (sometimes) and I’m not telling you.  All I’m saying is that my birthday has passed and I’m another year older.  Though I know I don’t look my age.   Reflecting is always a given around this time of year. “What have I learned in the last 365 days?” is usually the mental order of ops. For if I can answer this question with as many things as possible, I know I’ve grown and am moving forward.  Here goes nothing.

I’ve learned:

  • Who I am on an even deeper level which allows me to wear confidence like my skin.
  • That the more I practice self care and stay balanced in that skin, the easier I attract to me what I desire.
  • To pay attention to my vibe when in the company of others. That vibe is information.
  • How to trust a select few people, the RIGHT people, enough to show my vulnerable side to them and still be seen in my truth.
  • That for better or for worse, when a person shows me who they are, I should believe them.
  • Forgiveness and change are possible.
  • A love relationship is not a trap. It is a growth opportunity for spiritual gangstas open to amazingness.
  • To share the dark parts of my story and no longer feel shame around it. For those very parts are what inspire others the most and what molded me into this version I am today (which I think is pretty rad, on most days.)
  • Deeper versions of unconditional love as a mother and mortal.
  • It’s ok to be picky af, to choose to be single and to wait for a partner who possesses the desire to grow and create with me.
  • There’s grace and strength in conquering things I never thought I’d be able to do; perceptions I never thought I’d be able to have.
  • This spiritual path is not for P_________.
  • To know what I deserve and that it’s totally OK to deflect people that take me for granted and/or have ill motive.
  • Goodbye is sometimes for the best. And it’s always followed by an awesome HELLO on some level.

Final Thoughts

I’m feeling pretty accomplished about this list. Though I can’t take credit because it happened in spite of me by some cosmic co creating game that goes on simultaneously on this floating rock we live on, in some vast gaseous star infested reality.

What are some ways you’ve grown in the last year? And what would you like to read next from me?

Side Note: The tribe that sees you for you is where you belong. Don’t let the glitter distract you. You are not hard to love.

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