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Brush or Sponge: Which is Better to Apply Foundation?

Brush vs. Sponge

“When applying foundation is it better to use a brush or a sponge?”  This is one of the questions I’m asked the most as a Makeup Artist. My answers vary depending of course on the client, his or her lifestyle, look desired and the type of products they are using.

To those reading this, I’ll start by expressing my views on makeup application as an artform. I often use the analogy that three artists may be given the same photo as a reference for the finished look, and all three artists will achieve it.  But by traveling a different journey to the destination, so to speak.

Given this and tending to the matter of practicality at first, I personally never use a sponge to apply liquid foundation. The thought of my product being absorbed i.e. wasted via application just hurts my soul.  I know this is popular in the entertainment factor of applying foundation as seen on Instagram and Youtube. And typically portrayed by those too young to have experienced the lack of cell regeneration yet.  But it’s an utter waste of money when you actually think of it. Especially if you are a makeup snob to my caliber and use only foundations of prestige and luxury quality.  

Otherwise I like the control of using a brush, preferably dual fiber, and the magic of infinite possibilities that is available via various application techniques like stroking and stippling. I then use a sponge as a secondary when and if too much product is applied and I wish to absorb access.  Or when I desire a ‘sheared-out’ look with a heavier coverage liquid foundation.

With that said, don’t get me wrong-I love my Beauty Blender. But it is used, in my kit, when applying cream foundation and products, if and when my brush won’t do the job. Because Chanel and Dior deserve to be on my skin not in my sponge.

One perspective, from one artist…to you.

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