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    NO PAIN NO GAIN: Retinol.

    Just got on the retinol wagon. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking “what the heck” a retinol is.  Well there are a few differenct types of retinols, including retinoid and retina.  Long story short (but I recommend researching, they basically take off dead skin and tighten.  The difference is the strength.  I’ve learned there […]

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    Catrice Cosmetics; Mass Price-Luxury Quality!

    Catrice Cosmetics

    The next step with Catrice Cosmetics. My journey in retail cosmetics has taken me down many roads. Unlike a lot of people (or so I’m told) I had a not-so-conventional path that started as a freelancer for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics that within a mere few months, evolved into a Business Manager position.  You can read the rest of […]

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    Gel Nails; My Personal Dilemma

    Nails or No Nails, THAT is the Question. I tend to go back and forth with this inner struggle as to whether or not gel or acrylic nails are for me.  I.e., when I don’t have them for a while I forget about all the reasons I took them off the last time and vise versa. As […]

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    Foundation vs Tinted Moisturizer! The War Is ON!

    Foundation vs Tinted Moisturizer? Lately, I’ve decided to completely boycott foundation on myself.   My skin wasn’t transitioning well coming from the humid climate of South Beach and moving to NYC last fall.  Given my newly dry skin, foundation just accentuated the dryness and looked cakey. I’ve since opted for a tinted moisturizer.  I use it […]