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    Facelift Recovery; Post-op Makeup Correction

    Ever wonder what 2-week-post-op makeup correction looks like, for a facelift? Facelift recovery can be long and daunting.  A few months ago I had a client come to me who was 2 weeks post op from having a face lift.  She expressed it was safe to start using cosmetics again, had a meeting and needed […]

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    Update: Superbowl Commercial Won a SPORTS EMMY!

    Superbowl Commercial Update The Superbowl Commercial I was a part of in January won a Sports Emmy! This is SUPER exciting news and I’m so grateful to have been a small part in the whole! If you happened to miss my initial post and newsletter drop you can check it out here: Also, if you’d like […]

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    Bucket List; Super Bowl Commercial and James Van Der Beek.

    The Superbowl was a little different for me this year. I’d fallen out of the football loop years back and have been super immersed in the beauty world for eons.  But since moving home to Tampa, FL, it appears the sports bug has infected me by association. From The Lightning to The Bucs and varying baseball […]

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    Catrice Cosmetics; Mass Price-Luxury Quality!

    Catrice Cosmetics

    The next step with Catrice Cosmetics. My journey in retail cosmetics has taken me down many roads. Unlike a lot of people (or so I’m told) I had a not-so-conventional path that started as a freelancer for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics that within a mere few months, evolved into a Business Manager position.  You can read the rest of […]

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    David Genik Photography

    [huge_it_gallery id=”5″] Photographer David Genik Photography Model Anelisa Durham Makeup Kristin de la Renta Wardrobe Roselda Debora Hairstylist Jeisohn