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    Quote of the day

    quote of the day

    Quote of the day Don’t shoot the messenger but here’s my quote of the day. Randomly, answers to internal questions reveal themselves regularly and in real time, if I  remain aware.  These answers are typically delivered in non conventional and quirky ways and are very helpful. Does this happen to you or am I just […]

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    Single Mom Dating Hacks

    Hacks for the win! Here are some single mom dating hacks for the win! Whether you’ve never dated a single mom, into one of our kind and absolutely clueless because you haven’t procreated yet or you are the single mom new-ish on the dating scene post mini-me and researching. Please read on. Admittedly, when I […]

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    Todays Look; Unicorn Paint

    Unicorn kristin de la renta

    Unicorn Paint I sat. I put the camera on. I opened myself to ‘whatever happens-happens’ and voila, this look. In retrospect, I feel like this is always how I’ve created makeup looks on my clients. Even fashion styling plays this game in my world. Something always gives way and an intuitive opportunity to customize the […]

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    On My Radar; 6 Best Beauty Box Subscriptions

    6 Best Beauty subscription Boxes I Love! Beauty Boxes ROCK!! Right!? Sometimes standing in that makeup isle can be a straight up sensory overload. It may leave you asking “what goes with what, where when and most importantly HOW?”.  Well, insert: The Beauty Box. Beauty boxes are a GREAT way to step out of your […]

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    Update: Superbowl Commercial Won a SPORTS EMMY!

    Superbowl Commercial Update The Superbowl Commercial I was a part of in January won a Sports Emmy! This is SUPER exciting news and I’m so grateful to have been a small part in the whole! If you happened to miss my initial post and newsletter drop you can check it out here: Also, if you’d like […]

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    Life Update; Making Space

    Making space; Beauty for the Soul Hey Guys! I was meditating this morning. I guess I should start with, I’m on the tail end of a vicious stomach virus. Which brought me to my knees over Easter weekend and was a symbolic cleansing for the many changes afoot, on many levels.  For example, I let […]

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    Wedding Makeup; 8 Tips for Today’s Bride

    Wedding Makeup There are a million things to consider when planning the  picture perfect wedding day.  It is my hopes that this post will alleviate one of them: your wedding makeup.  From airbrush or traditional foundation, to pink or red lips, I’ll cover the basics and why. Ps – a lot of this also applies […]