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    10 Notes on Success

    You got this!

    10 Notes on Success

    10 Notes on Success, ..being happy and having absolutely no tolerance for bs. Life’s too short to pay the bills doing things we aren’t absolutely passionate about. EVERYTHING is possible. It’s a frame of mind. Living only to survive is a dead paradigm. Only drink the best Koolaide people offer. Don’t accept anything less than […]

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    Birthday Reflections

    Birthday Reflections Don’t ask me for a number because I’m a lady (sometimes) and I’m not telling you.  All I’m saying is that my birthday has passed and I’m another year older.  Though I know I don’t look my age.   Reflecting is always a given around this time of year. “What have I learned in […]

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    The Cement Garden of NYC

    Checking In It’s a beautiful night in New York City.  After a tumultuous week, I’m finally resting in a peace amongst the busy streets of fellow hustlers below and unable to shake this feeling of ‘home’.  For my soul’s at ease here, as I sit on this rooftop typing these thoughts. We arrived late yesterday […]

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    Going with the Flow

    Don’t fight the current.

    Going with the flow

    Going with the Flow vs Shoulda Woulda Coulda Morning routines are super important, especially in the artist lifestyle. I’ve read that the creative mind needs routine in order to relax and allow the juices of inspiration to flow through.  In the book, it stated that the extra energy the mind saves trying to improvise within […]

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    Vintage Doll Makeup

    As I recently stated on my Instagram: I never grew out of dress up!  This Vintage Doll makeup look started as part of a fine art photography project and progressed into this. Which means that for the actual shoot, it was also 3 varying looks prior to this one! The Progression of Pros As a […]

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    Streetstyle Fashion | Ybor City

    Streetstyle Fashion for the week! In collaboration with JHR Photography and LMB Boutique, both located in Tampa, FL. Images shot in the Historic Ybor City district of Tampa. HMU: KDLR Beauty Labs