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    Best Royal Wedding Looks

    royal wedding

    The Royal Wedding 2018 It’s official: the royal wedding went down and another American Actress is now a Princess!  I love it!  Yes, somewhere deep down inside is still that prince charming programming Disney put me as soon as I was able to comprehend The Little Mermaid.  Funny enough, this post is probably the first […]

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    Failures and Wins

    failures and wins

    Failures and Wins – Losers ROCK! There are no experiences that come without value in some form.  Sometimes, I wish I could say that I’m the type of person that learns from the mistakes and successes of others. But I’m not, and I tend to think along these lines the most when a seeming failure […]

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    Social Media, Business & Vulnerability

    social media

    Social Media, Business & Vulnerability They say business is about being emotionless, about not being “weak.”  About not being vulnerable.  But isn’t business about people? And money? These days social media is a vital part to ANY business.  The word social in and of itself speaks to people. So if business is about people, then […]

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    The Battle of Right, Wrong & #MeToo

    right wrong me too

    Right and Wrong and Me Too Me too is everywhere. It’s hard to deny the change going on in society and the shift to re-balance that which has been off for centuries, and potentially millennia, in regards to respect and sexual harassment.  I can’t say I’m omitted from the list on some levels. For being […]

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    4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive

    4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive

    For the boss in you! 4 Easy Ways to be Super Productive Productivity and a creative mind are simultaneous cross currents, it’s true. But they don’t have to be. It took me a little research on what worked for others and practice with time managment to be able to appease both sides of my brain. […]