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    Gluten Free Hurricane Preparation; Hurricane Irma

    Gluten Free Food Hurricane Preparation Hurricane Irma It’s 10 am in Gainesville, Fl and the power’s already out. We fled here yesterday. My daughter, 2 cats and I left our home in Tampa, Fl to stay with a friend until Hurricane Irma passes. Since a week ago, Labor Day, the Tampa area’s looked and felt […]

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    I need your VOTES; Maxim’s Finest Competition

    Maxim’s Finest Competition I’m going with the beauty vs the brains for Maxim Magazine and their Maxim’s Finest Competition. AND I NEED YOUR HELP! Here’s how it works: Your FREE DAILY votes will be setting me up to potentially win a spread in Maxim Magazine and a $25k modeling contract!  It takes but a Facebook […]

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    Modeling Industry 101; Part I

    Modeling Industry 101

    Model Wisdom 101 In today’s age of social media and high resolution cell phone cameras, the terms ‘photographer’ and ‘model’ are used rather loosely compared to when I started modeling. I began my career as a Beauty Model and Makeup Artist around the same time.  I would drive to South Beach, Miami from my home […]

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    Facelift Recovery; Post-op Makeup Correction

    Ever wonder what 2-week-post-op makeup correction looks like, for a facelift? Facelift recovery can be long and daunting.  A few months ago I had a client come to me who was 2 weeks post op from having a face lift.  She expressed it was safe to start using cosmetics again, had a meeting and needed […]

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    Skincare Order of Ops

      “What is the right skincare order?” is probably one of the most asked questions I hear. I’m reposting this one because well, skincare never goes out of style. Every client that sits in my chair gets a skincare diagnosis because I’m just OCD like that. And I believe that pretty skin = pretty makeup. […]

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    Projection versus Truth

    How much am I projecting and how much is truth? And if we are all mostly projecting then how is truth a solid understanding? Would it not be a fluid organism, individual and collective and always evolving as the basis of each of us evolving, should we be seeking? Something to think about..