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    4 Tips for Making Mom Friends

    4 Tips to Making Mom Friends

    Making mom friends should be easy, right? Have you ever watched in awe at how a child can walk up to kids they’ve never met before in a park, immediately connect and start playing? What happens from then to adulting? I wanna be like that when I grow up. Observations and life experience have lead […]

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    The Art Form of Asking for Help

    Because we all need somebody!

    The Art Form of Asking for Help

    The Art Form of Asking for Help Many of us find is challenging, and even impossible, to ask for help. People in supposed power have been taking advantage of the seemingly needy for centuries. Society has conditioned us to view needing help as a weakness.  And who wants to be viewed as weak? Unless you’re […]

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    Birthday Reflections

    Birthday Reflections Don’t ask me for a number because I’m a lady (sometimes) and I’m not telling you.  All I’m saying is that my birthday has passed and I’m another year older.  Though I know I don’t look my age.   Reflecting is always a given around this time of year. “What have I learned in […]

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    Going with the Flow

    Don’t fight the current.

    Going with the flow

    Going with the Flow vs Shoulda Woulda Coulda Morning routines are super important, especially in the artist lifestyle. I’ve read that the creative mind needs routine in order to relax and allow the juices of inspiration to flow through.  In the book, it stated that the extra energy the mind saves trying to improvise within […]

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    Single Mom Dating Hacks

    Hacks for the win! Here are some single mom dating hacks for the win! Whether you’ve never dated a single mom, into one of our kind and absolutely clueless because you haven’t procreated yet or you are the single mom new-ish on the dating scene post mini-me and researching. Please read on. Admittedly, when I […]

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    Dating a Single Mom; 3 Tips, All Love!

    NO I’m not a flake-I’m a single mother. As a parent I’ve passed up many invites to parties and luncheons with friends, turned down potentially amazing meetings with producers and photographers and have even missed castings.   So it’s not a wonder dating has fallen so far to the waist side. Much of the things I’ve […]