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    Failures and Wins

    failures and wins

    Failures and Wins – Losers ROCK! There are no experiences that come without value in some form.  Sometimes, I wish I could say that I’m the type of person that learns from the mistakes and successes of others. But I’m not, and I tend to think along these lines the most when a seeming failure […]

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    Projection versus Truth

    How much am I projecting and how much is truth? And if we are all mostly projecting then how is truth a solid understanding? Would it not be a fluid organism, individual and collective and always evolving as the basis of each of us evolving, should we be seeking? Something to think about..

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    Quote of the day

    quote of the day

    Quote of the day Don’t shoot the messenger but here’s my quote of the day. Randomly, answers to internal questions reveal themselves regularly and in real time, if I  remain aware.  These answers are typically delivered in non conventional and quirky ways and are very helpful. Does this happen to you or am I just […]

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    Single Mom Dating Hacks

    Hacks for the win! Here are some single mom dating hacks for the win! Whether you’ve never dated a single mom, into one of our kind and absolutely clueless because you haven’t procreated yet or you are the single mom new-ish on the dating scene post mini-me and researching. Please read on. Admittedly, when I […]

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    Todays Look; Unicorn Paint

    Unicorn kristin de la renta

    Unicorn Paint I sat. I put the camera on. I opened myself to ‘whatever happens-happens’ and voila, this look. In retrospect, I feel like this is always how I’ve created makeup looks on my clients. Even fashion styling plays this game in my world. Something always gives way and an intuitive opportunity to customize the […]