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    Life Update; Making Space

    Making space; Beauty for the Soul Hey Guys! I was meditating this morning. I guess I should start with, I’m on the tail end of a vicious stomach virus. Which brought me to my knees over Easter weekend and was a symbolic cleansing for the many changes afoot, on many levels.  For example, I let […]

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    The Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment Industries combined with social media, all seem to have a way of warping the mind in different directions defining in varying ways what the word perfect means. As the old adage goes: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  And so is the grey-area’d-aspect of this phrase I like […]

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    Poem; It’s Valentine’s Day..

    It’s Valentine’s Day. He was a saint that stayed and played hooky for the nooky, some say. Some say, he was devout and in love with love and all it’s glory. I pray. And relay that he told and tells an endless story of truth. Of people coming together to discover themselves, rediscovering tales from […]

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    Premonitions, Poetry by..

    Sitting in the dark, sparks of something she can’t yet see are expressing themselves in feeling. This synchronistic thing that creates imaginary fates and takes up space in that place inside and behind her fascinating ways. A lack of compromise envelopes these colors not yet materialized and makes them somehow real. Or about to be, […]

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    Gel Nails; My Personal Dilemma

    Nails or No Nails, THAT is the Question. I tend to go back and forth with this inner struggle as to whether or not gel or acrylic nails are for me.  I.e., when I don’t have them for a while I forget about all the reasons I took them off the last time and vise versa. As […]