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Catrice Cosmetics; Mass Price-Luxury Quality!

Catrice Cosmetics

catrice_cosmeticsThe next step with Catrice Cosmetics. My journey in retail cosmetics has taken me down many roads. Unlike a lot of people (or so I’m told) I had a not-so-conventional path that started as a freelancer for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics that within a mere few months, evolved into a Business Manager position.  You can read the rest of my journey via Linkedin.  But the long and short of it is: I’d only worked corporately for prestige and luxury makeup and skincare lines.

When I arrived at the office of Catrice Cosmetics for the initial conference meeting on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, I walked in blindly in regards to Mass makeup.  I had no idea what to expect.  What I did notice however, was that the office reminded me of a candy store! The vibrant colors and detectibly yummy textures were everywhere and consisted of both Catrice and the sister brand, Essence.

Girl Boss

Shortly after, the entire lot of the 164 products that comprised the US Catrice line were being passed around a table of 8 women. I was immediately taken aback, impressed and inspired by the collection. The color palette, chic packaging and quality formulations that were being added to my arsenal of product knowledge had me STOKED!  Not only that, but the display unit also to consist of TESTERS! Which is rarely done in the mass market.

I tap danced inside as I learned what my role was to entail as the Regional Sales & Education Manager for the north east.  I’ve since been sent to 5 select Ulta locations in 3 different states, none being New York, to train Ulta’s prestige Beauty Advisors on the line. We are now in event month (as you can see above) and I think it only appropriate that I share with you what I’m sharing with Beauty Advisors and customers alike.

Cosmetics Politics 101

This is from my own research, and is NOT affiliated with Catrice. In the US, there are over 1100 ingredients allowed into cosmetics, that are passed by the FDA, that are NOT allowed into cosmetics overseas.  It’s similar to how Red Bull is legal here and illegal over there.  Naturally, the quality of products made in Europe is dramatically higher.  Which explains, to me, why the women seem to age more gracefully than us Americans.

Here’s the down-low

  • Catrice Cosmetics was formed in Germany in 2004 by a husband and wife team.
  • The line first launched on back in mid July and launched in those select stores in early August.
  • The price range is 2.99 – 8.99.
  • The products are NOT tested on animals, are vegan and plathalate free.
  • 95% of the products are made in Italy and Germany.
  • The line is available in over 9000 retail locations overseas.
  • Catrice is currently being tested in 25 Ulta locations NATIONWIDE.

If you are not in one of the 25 cities, you can look for Catrice in an Ulta by you in 2016. Until then, you can still order the products via this link to And rest assure knowing you aren’t breaking your bank if you choose the wrong color!

I’ll be posting more on my favorite products here and on my youtube channel next!

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