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Denny’s Diner; My Gluten Free Epiphany

Being a beauty and lifestyle blog and all, I’m going to take a technicality point, pull this throwback out of the vault and post about my experience with Denny’s Restaurant a few months ago.  My angle being that not eating gluten when one has an allergy to gluten DEFINITELY helps keep one’s skin glowing and beautiful.  At least it does mine.

I don’t eat Denny’s often.  I actually haven’t stepped foot in Denny’s in years, since the last time I was home.  Denny’s makes me think of Tampa, FL where I’m from.  It’s my father’s favorite place to eat because he’s a simple man these days.  I guess age does that to you.

It was a Sunday. I’d just hit the road to embark on my journey back to NY from Manchester, NH.  I had been there since Friday night and was there to do a beauty event for Catrice Cosmetics at Ulta Beauty that was to take place on Saturday.  I contemplated sleeping in (yea right), but left early that morning because I missed my mini me. I was awake merely by the grace of the caffeine flowing through my veins.  In spite of my trying to do a long stretch of concrete before stopping, my stomach began to cave in about an hour and a half into the drive.  It was then that the blaring yellow logo gracing the exit sign came to my attention. I heard angels sing.

As with most restaurants and ESPECIALLY chains, I mentally began going through what I could order that wouldn’t kill me later. By now, I know what places I can and can’t eat at and what I can customize to my liking.  Breakfast is usually safe, as long as there isn’t yeast or gluten infested seasoning on the hash browns, they aren’t fried with breaded things, I don’t get any toast or bread of any form, if I get grits that they aren’t thickened with flour or the like and if I don’t order sausage that has gluten as a filler.

Needless to say, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I opened the menu and found this beautiful, amazingly scrumptious list of items labeled GF (signifying gluten free) that I can order to customize my very own breakfast, making it not only delirium proof but idiot proof.

Insert epiphany! Hey, it’s the little things that are HUGE when you’re on a road trip and starving.

What are your experiences with eating out and/or traveling with food allergies?

I’d love to hear! Do leave a comment below to keep the convo going!

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