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The End-Toxic Relationships

End Toxic Relationship

Letting go of Toxicity

In order to live my best life I must delete what holds me back. Easier said than done at times – most def. However, these energy and inspiration vampires can show up as people, places, things, THOUGHTS, habits, etc. And it’s on you, me, US to make the choice to NOT be a victim, execute towards “healthy” and get on with being happy!
*happy dance activate*
Can’t decide what to drop? Follow the signs. If when I drop what no longer serves me, I observe a flood of positive amazingness in the form of opportunities, friends, events (you name it) come in to abhor the vacuum of my reality – that’s my cue to keep going along my path WITHOUT that element.
Trust Your Vibes
Regular check ins with my vibe are a given for this 6-sensory. My mind doesn’t need to understand what my soul knows and I owe absolutely no one an explanation for my choices. I just go with it. Because I’ve learned (the hard way) what NOT going with it results in.
The potential grieving process, guilt and/or disappointment will pass. But one more second in insanity, will not.
Let-it-go. Love yourself. That is beauty from the inside-out.
Lastly, affirmations be savin’ my ass on the regular. Here’s one I’ve been using for a minute now:
“I now release toxicity in all forms, shapes and sizes. In all directions of space and time. And so it is.”
Final Thoughts
This is SUCH a juicy topic. I may need to do an elongated part II. What do you think??
Let me know some tactics that work in your world for letting go in the comments below!
End Toxic Relationship

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