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Failures and Wins

failures and wins

Failures and Wins – Losers ROCK!

There are no experiences that come without value in some form.  Sometimes, I wish I could say that I’m the type of person that learns from the mistakes and successes of others. But I’m not, and I tend to think along these lines the most when a seeming failure is front and center.  But is a failure the typical definition of failure, or is it something like destiny pushing us in a higher, more true-to-self, direction?

The fact of the matter is, I learn best by doing. Reading it in a book will never teach me what trying it first hand will.  I tend to take risks and push the envelope just for the sake of seeing what will happen, when most would rather stay comfortable in something that’s not working.

The upside being: more times than not, something amazing comes of it!

I’ve won and failed – A LOT. And each time, I gather information for a better execution next time.  This mindframe allows me to trend forecast in varying markets and market conditions and keep me ahead.  So that even if I choose to walk from a project, in time I cross paths with someone who can benefit from some bit of information I took from that situation that seemingly failed. Which makes even a failure, a win.

I’d say self awareness is a factor, as is optimism and a little bit of faith. For these are just the patterns of my personal reality.  What are some of yours?

What’s your learning style, your approach to new things, your level of flexibility?  Whether you cringe or light up, use that response to pivot into the unknown. That’s where the magic is!

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