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First Photo Shoot Post-Covid

Is it safe to say ‘post’ Covid yet?

First Photo Shoot Post-Covid

Is it safe to say post yet?!

Either Way, Let’s get it! Differentiating where we are in all of this is next to impossible. If anything, it’s forced me to choose to be utterly in the moment at any given time because the feelings that generate when I step out of each moment are super intense and me-no-likey.

No greater motivator than pain, right? *lol*

Creativity is My Medicine

Shooting this was a relief and a weird feeling simultaneously.

I say weird because I hadn’t had THAT long of a long stretch NOT doing makeup & hair in what felt like forever.

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The only other time was that two year stretch from 2008-2010, when I put it down to focus solely on modeling and acting. (Which meant I still did it but my marketing targeted those roles more *wink*).

Long story long, it felt great to be on set, getting my hands dirty (so to speak) and in some makeup and hair products again.

Check out the final shots below!

Let’s Shoot!

New York City & Florida! You can book me by contacting me here!

Products I used for These Looks & More!

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