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Growth for a Cause!

My Birthday Fundraiser

Growth for a Cause

Join me in supporting a good cause for my birthday!

A lot of transition is happening right now, expressing itself in various ways for all of us as we ride out our planet’s growth period the best we can.

The intense energies of the world events are affecting everyone’s mental health to some degree. Immediately personal and generational trauma are screaming on the surface (I choose to believe – for healing) and people need tools for coping in healthy ways now more than ever.

Trauma & the healing therein is a cause that means a lot to me for personal reasons which I’ve written about and shared many times here and in my social media posts over the years.

As a survivor, I know how this can permeate a person’s entire world – work, family and relationships with others and self – both consciously and unconsciously.

I also know the courage and persistence it takes to voyage the immense process of healing from the effects it has on one’s spirit, mental health and physical well being.

That is why for my birthday, I’d like to raise money to help those in need of mental health services due to domestic violence, rape, abuse, addiction, racism and human trafficking – which are only some of the more obvious root causes of trauma.

Likewise, if you are in a dark place and don’t know where to turn right now, I want to offer this information on The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay (or in your area) as an option and suggestion for help and healing.

It takes a village to heal

Your contribution will make an impact to help those in need of therapy and mental health healing and services, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Here’s the link via Facebook:

I’ve included information about The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay below.
Thank you for your support!
xo, Kris

The mission of the Crisis Center is to ensure that no one in our community has to face crisis alone. We seek to be that extraordinary place where all people find help, hope and healing to make tomorrow better. For over forty years, the Crisis Center has been providing services to individuals and families who suffer distress from serious life crisis. We primarily serve Hillsborough County in the state of Florida. Although, some of our programs serve the greater Tampa Bay area including five surrounding counties.

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Anyway that says it’s the only way is NOT the way

Anyway that says it’s the only way is NOT the way.

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