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Growth is in the Discomfort

Keep going..

growth is in the discomfort

A Note of Hope

I was chatting with a friend over dinner in Manhattan recently.

He said that thing I’ve heard numerous times from varying sources. That thing I’ve had plenty of time to marinate on. That thing that went something like this:

The city is dead, it’s never going to be the same, everyone is leaving.”

I say: There will be phases in our lives as people, where we lose everything. It may be tangible, it may be emotional, it may be spiritual. And if you’re REALLY lucky, it’s all three at once. 

The walls will come bearing down and the invisible rug supporting everything that matters to you and everything you think you are, will get ripped out as you lucidly watch it all crash into some eternal abyss, with zero control over the process. 

All that will be left when the chaos settles are pieces of what was, shards of who we used to be, the truth and lies of what was and what is, and our mind trying to catch up with reality. 

While this may be unsettling and even traumatic, from my experience EVERY SINGLE TIME this has happened in the microcosm of my human existence, a better version of me has been born from the ashes.

It’s happened enough times for me to trust this process even when the changes seem unjust to the core of everything I stand for. Even when I’m right and deserve that apology. And especially when it sucks and I know I have to accept it as is.

The Hallway & The Choice

Aware of this pattern in my life, it then becomes a matter of choice as to how I’m going to spend the journey in between what once was and what is to be, The Hallway I like to call it. 

Am I going to be in resistance or am I going to be in acceptance? One choice breeds negativity, discomfort and anger when I choose it and the other brings peace, flow and miracle energy. 

One choice is comfortable af because it’s what I’ve always known and the other choice takes practice.

One choice keeps me out of the moment, and the other one keeps me in it. And let’s be real, out of the moment sounds real good when I don’t particularly like what’s going on there.

But the more I’ve chosen (or have been forced into) acceptance and have seen solutions manifest from outside my spectrum of possibilities, the more trust I’ve come to have in it and the bigger payoffs that come – tangibly, emotionally, spiritually or, that’s right, all of the above.

Warrior Mindset

Armed with this experience in my own world and relating it to the comment about The Big Apple, I don’t believe that the most amazing city in the world is dead by any means.

I believe she is being upgraded, and just like our own personal upgrades are messy most times and especially right now, so too is hers. 

But if hers are anything like mine, what’s on the other side of this is going to be lit! Because the bigger the discomfort, the deeper the growth and the brighter we shine on the other side. 

Letting go is never easy, but no epic transformation is without purpose or in vain – EVER. Share on X

So wherever you are on your journey and despite what it may feel like in this moment, you are not lost. 

Like I am (more times than not) when I’m feeling those feelings, you may just be in one of those glorious hallways on your way to everything you truly desire…

So keep going..

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