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Sitting here, on Easter eve, full of chocolate, Tipper playing on Spotify, chamomile tea..and you.  Cyra passed out in her towel post bath before I could even dress her, and is now old enough to understand Santa and the Easter Bunny (i.e. me).  Performing my mommy (aka every holiday deity) duties, I made my first Easter Basket from scratch.  It seems as a new parent, that every holiday is dressed with some small amount of stress.  It’s similar to the feeling of starting a new job before you know the way of the land.  I’m assuming with time and repetition it gets easier, as does most things.  But I’m still in the pre beta stage where it’s not only new to her, it’s new to me too and I’m not gonna lie, I slightly panic.

 Though, I have to admit it wasn’t hard.  And as I’m filling eggs with money, candy and cosmetics (she’s a girly girl), I’m realizing how simple are the things that lace this little wonder with EPIC joy.  “I wanna be more like that” I thought…  And suddenly, the thought that I allowed to veil me with pressure filled expectation: making the perfect basket, left me.  And I observed myself filled with epic joy, because of the smiles this small act will bring my little moon…

Growth comes at the most random times…  We are happy to have you with us on this ride..

And wish you and yours A MAGICAL, FAIRY FILLED EASTER!!!


The Easter Bunny (aka Kris) & Cy

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