Happy Holidays – A Gift to Self!

Hey Fam!

Is anyone else saying toodle-oo to 2022 a little frazzled and yet amazed at their progress? I know I’m sippin’ on a glass of pausing a little more these days with a splash of simply shocked I made it through.

I’ve been working hard the past few years, doing my best to manage my expectations and not judge the process of healing I’m experiencing as I go through the last 6 months of this 3 year spiritual leadership and meditation teacher training.

This work I choose to look at as a creative process and a calling, is turning into a beautiful rebirth – an undressing of my spirit, if you will, of all that doesn’t serve who I’m becoming.

Most times it feels like it’s going slower than it should and that I’m behind because I’m not regularly splattering it all over social media like I used to. Yea, FOMO is real.

What I’ve learned though, is that certain processes are too sacred to step away from, even if only momentarily, to share with others when you’re in the act of it. It’s like watching a movie so keenly directed that if you get up to use the bathroom you’ve missed too much, except I can’t rewind, so I don’t.

As with any other creative journey, I’ve learned that it takes what it takes and it is what it is, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be. As are you.

And you better believe I’ve written it all down to share.. *wink wink*

The Here, The Now

As the year comes to a close, if you’re looking in the mirror and noticing that you’re a little more solid on who you are, what matters and where you’re going next – know that all that ish we sacrificed for and went through was called a growth period and the solidness we’re experiencing now is the result of being brave enough to accept, walk through and/or let go of it all.

Whether it was graceful or not, you didn’t give up. You trusted the process, and when you didn’t, you trusted your connection to whatever higher power you co-create with to have your back, which has brought you to this very moment of empowerment.

A gift to self

Wherever your feet are this holiday season, I’d like to invite you to be a little selfish and give yourself the following gift:

  • Take some time to get quiet, to focus on your heart space. This is where your true dreams and desires live.
  • Pause for as long as you’re called to and say thank you to whatever you believe in for what you have and for the challenges and blessings that have molded you into where you are now.
  • Finally, in this space of stillness and gratitude, marinate on what you’d like to create for yourself next. Perhaps you write it down and open it again in a year. Or maybe you turn it over for The Universe to decide for you..

Either way, no matter where you are on the planet, know that you matter and each committed step you take along this journey heals not only yourself but your family lineage and everyone you come into contact with.

From my family to yours, may your reality be as beautiful and as infinite as your spirit.

Happy Holidays..

PS – I have so many new soul-food, yummy-connection-worthy things coming that I’m super excited to share with you in the coming year! Stay tuned, because I can’t wait to show you!

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