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Inexpensive Haircuts; They Do Exist.

cheap haircut

Getting your hair done can be super expensive (which is different from ‘cheap’). From the routine touch ups in cut to color, it can easily be hundreds of dollars every six to eight weeks.

This setup is great for the stylist but harsh on the wallet. ‘Cause come on, that money could be going elsewhere-like towards shoes!

I’ve learned one great way to get an inexpensive and quality haircut is to be a hair model.  I was introduced to hair modeling in my late teens while in the grocery store in my home city, Tampa, FL.

A local hair stylist asked me to be his model for what was to become the first of many photo shoots and hair shows – and the rest is history.

While I went on to do major hair shows for top brands and also become a professional makeup artist and business owner, this doesn’t have to happen to get a quality cut at a fraction of the price.

Simply choose a salon or artist you trust that also has an academy with reoccurring classes that teach already established stylists techniques to keep them up to date.

After you’ve selected one you trust, call them and ask if they need models for the next round of classes. Typically the stylists attending will need a live person to do the technique on. This dynamic allows the salon to benefit the stylist with the class and you with a VERY inexpensive QUALITY service.

It’s a win win!

And don’t worry, typically the Creative Director or whomever is leading the class will consult with your wants and needs first and collaboratively decide on the direction of your finished result.

This person then walks the student through the process step by step to minimize the area of error.  Again, choosing a dope salon is key. I ALWAYS recommend a Sassoon Academy, but they grace only select cities in our country.

Also, your local hair school is another option. I’d definitely recommend stalking aspiring artists’ Instagrams prior to booking.

And lastly, bartering still exists! If you are a creative you have something to offer a stylist. Maybe they need a model for a shoot, or photography for their social media, or event planning.

We all have something to offer.

Did I mention that I LOVE feedback?! Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments you have!

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