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Luxury Self-Love & Infused Opulence Body Oil

Luxury Hand and Body Oil

Infused Opulence Body Oil

What is self-love?

Selflove is an act that feeds one’s spirit, rejuvenates one’s energy and adds fulfillment for a well rounded joyful life experience. I like to use the terms self-love and self-care interchangeably.

I totally just created that definition from my own experience with the topic.

Feel free to steal it!

Self love is an act that feeds one’s spirit, rejuvenates one’s energy and adds fulfillment for a well rounded joyful life experience. Click To Tweet

I’m Only 5 People

This is a topic that hits close to my heart because as a mother and business owner, it’s a challenge to put myself first a lot of the times. Most of the time, actually. There always seems to be more that needs to get done, more calls to make, issues to troubleshoot, school functions, meetings, projects loading on (which I’m grateful for) and I’m only 5 people!

Needless to say, I’ve come to learn that this fast pace that is my lifestyle, consistently leads to burn out and dissatisfaction without the daily rituals and timeouts to love on thyself.

For those of us with codependency in our lineage, selves or environment – putting ourselves anywhere on the list of priorities can be as akin to a foreign language as it gets.

This is NO BUENO for the soul.

What is a Ritual

As I write this post I am sitting with an agedefying mask on my face, patchouli incense lit and a chill instrumental channel on Spotify playing. This is my writing ritual. Sensory satisfaction at its best, to fuel these words. Self love to soothe my soul and show my inner child that she is loved.

Beauty is a ritual and an act of self-love.

Back in the day, beauty was a way to hide, to impress, to be something more than I was (or so I thought). It was something I needed to do to be anything other than myself because I thought I wasn’t enough as I was.

It’s been a long while since those days, however since beauty is also my career, somewhere in the grind I slipped into the mindset of it being something I HAD to do for work reasons. This mindset took all the fun and love out of it and quite frankly was holding me back.

Lately I’ve chosen to look at all the beauty rituals I do on the daily – be it going to the gym, applying a mask or simply going no-makeup for a day and letting my skin breathe – as acts of self-love.

“Intention is everything.” Click To Tweet

Infused Opulence

A lot of you know I’ve suffered a lot of loss this year and last year, which is most definitely the catalyst to my hyperfocus on self-love to heal. So when Infused Opulence came through on this organic 24k gold body oil, I was like YAS-GIRL-YASSSSS!!!

Self-love.. in Luxury

When I researched the line further and saw it’s message of “healing and nourishing by targeting body, mind and luxury” I was like ‘the universe is talking to me”! 

Don’t judge, I know you get those moments too.

Boujie and Beautiful

At a $97 price point, the 24k gold flakes are abundantly apparent in every bottle, all ingredients are 100% natural and contain at least 13 different healing elements.

The moisturizing and renewing effects of jojoba oil and vitamin E are great in combination with the gold to combat crepey skin and get that youthful bounce back.

Not only that, but its multi use factor is enough to make coconut oil skirred!

My Experience

I received the Sandalwood Bay scent which I love because sandalwood clears energy and has a very earthy neutral aroma. 

I immediately noticed how the gold flakes absorbed into my skin and my daughter’s hair. This impressed me because in other products I’ve used with organic materials floating in it somewhere, lack of absorption was typically an issue and more annoying than anything else.

Below are some way I’m getting down with IO:

  • Moisturizer on my skin and my daughter’s skin fresh out of the shower. 
  • Putting in my daughter’s hair to keep her gorgeous curls moisturized.
  • Cuticle oil.
  • Using on my face as a night moisturizer.
  • Massage oil (ooh-la-la)

There are so many more benefits too!

For all the anti-aging junkies like me, the high quality 24k gold is absorbed into your skin immediately and creates a reserve from which to pull from. 

Meaning it’s like a natural time release of luxuriously delicious gold benefits including:

  • Increases collagen production which improves elasticity
  • Increases anti-inflammatory effects 
  • Immediate luminence to the skin

All products are handcrafted in small batches to retain potency. And because the fragrances and ingredients are non-synthetic, it’s a great option for men and pregnant women too!

If you want on this self love train of luxe, Infused Opulence was kind enough to offer my readers a code KRISTIN10 for $10 off at checkout!

Do let me know how you practice self love in the comments and be sure to sign up to get my future posts below!

Luxury self-love infused opulence

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