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Make a Decision

Make a decision


Remember your worth – you are a reflection. A microcosm of the macrocosm of all that is. Do not allow lower energies – people, thought forms, and false beliefs – to distract you from why you are here and what you mean to existence. No creation is without purpose and every challenge is but a growth spurt along this path of spiritual evolution. Care for, love and heal the little child within you. Play, dance and attract those in alignment with your values. Know that the tears will come and go. It’s all worth it. For the end is but the breath of a new beginning. So walk boldly in your truth. So beautifully and unapologetically intense that the heavens bow to your intent. For to live otherwise is to trudge the breathing hell read about in the ancient literature of past times. And it is in the witnessing of this being – of this courage, that others find the strength to do so as well.

So make a decision… and fly.

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make a decision

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