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Makeup Prime Time; What is Primer?

Primer, in all its wonder.

Primer is one of those things that seemed irrelevant, until I first tried it.  There are primers for lipstick, eye shadow and foundation.  There are even skincare lines that have the all-in-one, skincare and primer in one product.

Often times, I will even use a primer as a mixing medium in other products, changing the texture to better suit my client’s skin type. After all, makeup is paint and an art form.

But what is primer exactly?

Think of it like this. You wouldn’t paint a wall in a house without primer. Why? Because then the paint would seep into the pores of the drywall, causing the finished look to be dull and display texture.

It’s the same exact concept for the face. Except we are living organisms. We undoubtedly have blemishes or pores or wrinkles at one point or another. If you’re going to put foundation or even tinted moisturizer on, it’s important to prime first to set your painting up for success.

In skin talk, the primer (if you’re using the right kind for your skin type) should smooth over texture, keep your foundation on longer and have some sort of benefit.

 How can I find the right primer for me?

That’s the tricky part because there are a lot of factors at play. For example, I would say if you have dry skin and want to wear a matte foundation formula, I would recommend using a hydrating primer like these from Smashbox and Laura Mercier. Another option: hit up Sephora and find a sample set like the one I wrote about in this post.

Finally, I’m always available for virtual consultations and lessons via Skype. I can be reached via my contact page.

I’d love to hear about your favorites, experiences and outcomes! Do leave comments below and share this post with your social network!

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