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My Favorite Professional Makeup Cases

Professional Makeup Case

Professional Makeup Cases, like WHOA.

Hey guys! If you’re following my Instagram story, you know I just bought a new pro makeup case for my work as a Makeup Artist! I feel like I go through them l  ike water, but the truth is I go through one every year or so.

The Starter and Still

I’ve tried and used most methods, initially starting with something like THISWhat I loved about it was that it literally held EVERYTHING, both hair and makeup. And it’s apocalypse-proof.  10+ years later, and I literally still use the bottom part to store things I don’t use as often and will use the top piece for single clients and small gigs.

What I disliked about it: When it was full it was too massive and heavy to lug around NYC for gigs (although I got it done ‘cause that’s how I roll.)  It also wasn’t flight friendly.

The Suitcase

Which is the perfect transition to this practical, never going away option: the suitcase.  I did this for a while and do it most often when I need to travel for a job.  I simply buy some utility cases like these to put my products and tools in, and GO.

What I dislike about it: the suitcase isn’t very fashion forward and chic. Also, it’s BIG.  If you can live without the aesthetic, don’t care about the size issue (and baggage check fees) and/or don’t mind droppin’ change on a nice suitcase that will inevitably get covered in makeup and travel funk, I’d go this route!


Next, I discovered the Zuca.  This was the holy grail and saving grace when I found it because it made everything compact and easy to manage. Which after years of heavy lifting and pulling, I’d desperately been craving. Though my arm muscles were quite ripped!  I loved this treasure because I could use the case frame as a seat when on the wait end that every MUA experiences within the ‘hurry up and wait’ culture of set life. And it fit everywhere. After I would discover the Artist Case, which was flight friendly and my definite next level up! Or so I thought.

And Now

My next and most recent transition, I found after wading around on Amazon for months, perhaps even a year! I kept finding cases similar to number one on this list which I knew wasn’t going to work, as I’m now based in Tampa, FL and have clients in NYC I frequent. I wanted that flight option minus the Zuca pricing. When I came across THIS. It’s a nylon case, about the size of a small carry on.

I hesitated at first, as I’ve ordered other items from Amazon in the past that didn’t come as they were described. But after scoping out the reviews (ya’ll know my thoughts on the importance of reviews) and checking the price point of $119 (reg. $299), I decided to go for it! And am SO happy I did!  It’s smaller than the Zuca, holds everything (including my Temptu pro airbrush equipment) and fits everywhere! You can check out the live video review on my Instagram story highlight section titled REVIEWS.

Final Thoughts

I’m excited to see how long I keep this one in tact and will, of course, keep you along for the journey as well.  I can’t say that I could find a site for the brand but the blue and/or bold links above are where you can check out every item I’ve mentioned and buy it for yourself (if you want!)

I’d love to hear what you use to keep your process in motion, case-wise.  And if you’ve tried this new little number I just bought, do leave your take on the quality and lifespan in the comments below for the whole community to see!

Thanks and until next time, stay your kind of beautiful!!



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