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My Quarantine Nail Drama

The struggle is REAL!

No Light Gel Nail Polish

Anyone else having a hard time finding no light gel polish top coat?!

I’ve spent WEEKS in this Quarantine Nail Drama searching Walmart, Target, grocery stores (while on necessary food missions) – only to end up exactly where I didn’t want to be – waiting for Amazon.

My phases went something like this:

  • At the Covid onset: I got my nails filled and painted for the final time at my nail salon. It was the 3rd Thursday of March, on the verge of everything shutting down. As per my Facebook, I was proud of myself for thinking in advance as the decision to close the salon was decided right in front of me, as I sat in the pedicure chair.
  • 3 weeks later: I’m reconsidering my genius idea because now my nails are so ridiculously long and grown out that they’re bending and lifting at what was once the cuticle, during random errands and projects and while I sleep. NEWSFLASH: this is painful AF! I needed Advil for the pain. Still not ready to accept reality though.
  • 4 weeks in: I surrender to the fact that they have to come off and buy pure acetone and a nail kit. I still push taking them off back another week.
  • 5 weeks in: it’s BEYOND ridiculous and I surrender. The pain and ratchet aren’t worth it.
  • Currently: I only need a no light gel polish top coat to set the arsenal of polishes I already own.

Gloves and mask on fleek and wanting what I want NOW, I’ve been on the hunt for a no light gel nail polish top coat for over a week now. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s comparable to the gel polish that the nail artists set with the UV light in the nail salon.

It stays on longer than regular polish but not quite as long as the 2 to 3 week lifespan that the light-setting-gel-polish has.

While I do question the UV as being healthy, in my field of always working with products and alcohol and makeup remover, etc – it’s the only polish that stays on my nails for a significant amount of time while I mommy, hustle and grind.

Determined to find it in store and not have to wait for Amazon, I’ve finally reached a point of surrender in THIS aspect of my Quarantine Nail Drama as well, and placed my freaking order on Amazon an hour ago.

I realize this is minuscule in contrast to people getting sick and dying and food lines and unemployment not coming in and jobs being lost and bills not getting paid — it’s also my thing. And right now I need this small-yet-seemingly-insignificant-in-the-big-picture-thing.

I have a feeling you get it. Your thing might not be nails, but you get it.

If you’re like me and need that ish to stay on as long as possible, below are a few brands and products that I use and trust via you guessed it – Amazon.

Those 2-day-Prime-conditioned-individuals-like-me will have to be patient though, it takes a week to come.

Like we’re going anywhere…

Stay safe and love ya!

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