My Story

My Story

My Story

I created this blog while living in New York City. I envisioned it as both an outlet and a means to create, educate and inspire makeup junkies and established artists of varying mediums and at various levels.

Grinding day in and out while juggling my career and motherhood, I couldn’t immediately see what I was being primed for and what I was learning! Turns out, those roles including Business Manager, Lead Artist and Regional Trainer for top brands including Estee Lauder, Mac and Bobbi Brown allowed me to learn business models for marketing, educating, product design and business management.

The Voice Within

In 2014, things were super out of balance. I was working harder not smarter and at opposing hours to my daughter’s school. It was clear that what I was doing was working professionally. But personally, not so much. My work/life balance was nonexistant.

Then something kept saying to me “the retail world isn’t set up to support a single mom lifestyle, unless you’re the boss.”  At the same time social media, as the soon-to-be driving force behind the beauty industry, was slapping me in the face.  I could tell the corporate big dogs I worked for were in the dark about it.  But even I had no idea that what I was onto and executing was the future of what the beauty industry would come to be.

Jump and the net will appear

Realizing this, I took the leap of faith my gut was supporting (while my mind was like wtf are you doing?!) and went freelance on all levels – both in the retail world’s terminology and in real life!

This blog is how I bring value

Though I had and still have mad love and respect for those brands, I took all the knowledge and life experiences I held in those varying roles and combined them with my natural savvy for digital marketing, and just rolled with it!  Adding the technical skills any good artist must have, I built my business up and had those same corporate clients and then some, but this time as a consultant and on my own terms.

The Now

In 2016, I founded KDLR Beauty Labs, an on-location makeup & training studio in Tampa, FL, where I continue to give back by teaching and educating on various levels. And am blessed to revel in great bridal and production clients, ad agency clients and even photographers, who come to my team and I for business consulting and beauty services!

We are not only an industry, but a lifestyle!

On this site, it is my hope to produce posts and multimedia resources you can trust, where you can learn from my mistakes and successes, and execute badassery in your life and in this amazing beauty business we love!

Keep killin’ it!

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