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New York City isn’t DEAD

I’m Back!!

New York City isn’t dead

I’m Back in The Big Apple

In case you hadn’t noticed wink wink.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some pretty dope people right off the bat here. Art is happening within and around the heaviness of the world stage right now, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

“Where focus goes, energy flows”. Click To Tweet

And I’m choosing to focus forward. Which is not the same as being indifferent to the world stage of politics and heath crisis’.

We can simultaneously be aware of what is around us and choose to not let it trifle, consume and stunt us, our growth and our direction creatively or otherwise.

You guys know me – I’ll always keep it real. I’m not on that ‘good vibes only’ tip when shit is otherwise. But I am about turning the heavy growth periods around and being in the solution.

We are artists.

Creating is what we do to heal ourselves and impact others. Reflecting the times, the pain, the joy in our work.

If it’s feeling heavy right now, keep your head up. The pendulum by law, has to hit the exact degree in the opposite direction – eventually.

I’m living proof.

Photo: @vpvisuals
Style/Male Model: @nyclavish
Jacket: @earsofbuddah
Makeup & Hair: @kdlrbeautylabs
Location: @springstudios

PS. Please follow my beauty account on Instagram @kdlrbeautylabs!!

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