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Our Purpose is Our Power

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When what Used to Work Stops Working

The reason the old ways of doing things aren’t working at all or the way they used to is because the world as a whole is healing and, as such, vibrating at an escalating frequency. 

We are being called to realign.

I say this despite what my eyes tell me via the news and in spite of how the darkness, aka the old paradigm, is manipulating and expressing itself via war, scarcity, injustice, hatred, division, etc., to prolong its inevitable end.

Heal and Align, then Level Up

In order to find the flow of success in this new way, I’m learning that I must heal and align, then level up; heal and align, then level up; heal and align, then level up, shedding the pain, false beliefs, and limitations that kept me where I was, when ‘it’ worked.

As a reference, one of the ways this manifests for me looks something like allowing and softening to receive (feminine) vs pushing and forcing (masculine). Or choosing to trust a situation instead of trying to control it.

As I do this repeatedly, I move into new versions of myself and therefore, my purpose, which feels like fulfillment beyond the material. That purpose may look different than before or it may look the same but with greater impact on the world, as a few examples. 

Either way, I know I’ve arrived because time stops as I’m activated in it, and spiritual support begings to bring the ideas, people, places, and opportunities needed to further my mission. 

Some call these miracles.

The ‘and’ in “heal and align, then level up” signifies a growth period, a period of time, a hallway of sorts, where integration into the new phase occurs. This happens on an energy level that expresses itself in the tangible world in varying degrees. 

It helped me to find acceptance in the shifts when I learned that when things change around me it’s because things are changing in me.

Personal and/or spiritual development and one’s purpose are relative.

Note: Growth is messy af, but it’s always worth it. I’ve learned to trust and revel in that shit. For as we do this on an individual level, we impact those around us and the collective consciousness, in turn.

The key is not to resist. Easier said than done at times, I know. 😉

The Dying Paradigm

The chaos in the world is the old way clinging on for dear life in a process similar to when a victim tries to leave the abuser and the abuser lashes back one last time to remain in control. 

From a zoomed out point of view, part of the process in what is happening is meant to light up or ‘trigger’ our fear—fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of survival—because from this ungrounded place it can control us. And when it can control us, it can condition us into being unconscious of our true power, never finding our purpose. 

The Choice to Choose

Beyond this, these places of fear we may find ourselves in at times, are also great opportunities showing us where to look, what to work on next, where our own divisions lie.

It is nearly impossible to be unaffected at all times, and that is precisely the point—for we are heart beings, and the choice to choose—our focus, our thoughts, our actions, our associations—is where our power resides.

We can choose to focus on and match the fear and take action from there. Or we can continually seek and heal and align then level up, and discover not only the infinite possibilities we have as spirits in bodies but, in so doing, allow that to reflect in an ever-evolving purpose and process of expansion.

For it is from this place that we are empowered with what we need to make lasting change, first, in ourselves, and as a by-product, others. 

Our lives are each microcosms of the macrocosm of all that is. Change starts there.

Not written by AI.

Photos: @renebesson

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