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  • the mind the weapon
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    The Mind. The Weapon.

    It will tell you you’ve been rejected, that you’re not good enough, that you’re too old to go after the dreams that you’re meant for, that there’s not enough time or money or support. That you need to change this or that to be deserving of . More

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  • Beta Carotene for Beauty Inside and Out
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    Beta Carotene for Beauty Inside and Out

    What is beta carotene? Most people have heard of beta carotene, the antioxidant found most commonly in carrots. This essential nutrient has so many amazing benefits for your health because it helps create vitamin A in your body. With that vitamin A, your body becomes more beautiful from inside to out, which is why you […] More

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  • top 4 makeup brush cleaners 2019

    Top 4 Makeup Brush Cleaners 2019

    What works best for YOU!

    This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get from my clients and trainees. Hint: the answer is NOT dish soap lol. There is a vast catalog of brush cleaners and shampoos on the market at any given time that preserves the longevity of the brush while sanitizing it thoroughly for the next client or for personal use. More

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  • 6 Top Effects Stress has on Your Skin
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    6 Top Effects Stress has on Your Skin

    When life has you stressed to the max, you probably show it all over your face. And we don’t mean your facial expressions. You don’t have to furrow your brow and utter a single word…your stressed out skin will speak volumes. It’s important to handle stress properly for your overall health and well-being, but if you want your skin to look healthy and fabulous, dealing with that stress head-on is the only way to stop skin stress in its tracks. More

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  • Why being called out is a good thing.
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    Being Called out Rocks!

    Why being called out is a good thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if we never chose to grow because everyone in our life told us exactly what we wanted to hear and agreed with every current value and point of view we had, so we always felt complete and confident knowing exactly what was going […] More

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  • Make a decision
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    Make a Decision

    Decide Remember your worth – you are a reflection. A microcosm of the macrocosm of all that is. Do not allow lower energies – people, thought forms, and false beliefs – to distract you from why you are here and what you mean to existence. No creation is without purpose and every challenge is but […] More

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  • Time's up Film
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    Upcoming Film I was in!

    I’m excited to announce that a short film I recently had the honor of acting in called “Time’s Up” is an official selection short for the upcoming Sarasota Film Festival! More

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