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Radical Skincare; Neck Gel

I’ve been raving on Twitter and Snapchat (@krisdelarenta) about this skincare line and I’ve FINALLY settled into my newRadical Skincare Neck Gel place and have the space to write this post! Radical Skincare sent me an amazing care package just before the holidays.
Within it, was the Firming Neck Gel. Coincidentally enough, my mother was on the search for one at the time so I gifted it to her with the side intention that I will use her as my subject for this post.

Seeing how everything occurs in divine timing, I’m actually glad to have waited to write about this. Because skincare typically takes 7 days to 8 weeks to see a difference (depending on the active ingredients of course). And THAT gave me enough time to see an accurate before and after of my mother’s neck. CHECK IT OUT:

radiance skincare neck gel
Mom Before Neck
Radical Skincare Neck Gel
Mom After Neck

Radical Skincare is a French skincare line with highly potent active ingredients. Yet on the flip of this, the line also has just enough natural ingredients to make you wonder if it’s a natural line.  I myself have started using the perfecting fluid and absolutely adore the citrusy scent, exposing the tangerine used therein.

In regards to the neck gel, my mom commented on and we saw results within 7 days.  This neck gel in particular has retinol in it which assists in tightening and cellular turnover. If you aren’t sure what retinol is please refer to my previous post here.  The sunscreen advocate in me reminds you that retinol makes the skin susceptible to sun damage (i.e. age spots), so wear sf religiously while using this.

Lastly, the only downside I will mention is that this product, as fabulous as it is, is NOT gluten free. But well worth the cost at $125 if you are allergy free.

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