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Remember Who You Are

Remeber Who You Are

There will be times when the challenges seem like they are too much to bear. It is at this threshold I’ve learned that I must keep going.

For the reality that comes to be shortly after that inevitable point where I feel like my face is about to smack dead on the cement but it doesn’t.

That point where I’m faced with a choice to keep going head-on into the unknown or quit and remain where I am – is nothing short of a miracle.

Do whatever needs to be done to keep your mindset positive.

  • Work out
  • Listen to positive podcasts
  • Dress to the nines and schedule a photo shoot for online content
  • Go to the beach and do fucking nothing

The Point Is

Surround yourself with whoever you need to surround yourself with to keep your vibration high and at that level where your deepest desires begin to manifest.

Notice when they do & keep doing THAT. Realize and remember that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Don’t play small for anyone or anything, EVER.

Photo: @rodrigomendez

Jumper: and $80

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