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Respect is a Minimum

Respect is a minimum

Do You Baby Girl

Know that you can be the most beautiful woman in the world and that factor gives no man, no person, the right to disrespect you and treat you like a soulless toy. Flaunt what you’re proud of as you see fit – the seeming good, the bad, the ugly.

For the ability of other people to see beyond your surface is in direct proportion to their own depth, or lack thereof.

Likewise, another person’s poor reaction to say, one’s sexy IG pictures or how you choose to carry yourself, is garbage on their side of the street and is a product of their conditioning and choices.

The Infamous ‘They’ & Boy Talk

Society tells us to sit pretty, shut up, don’t curse, don’t gain weight, don’t lose weight, don’t age, be submissive to men, etc.

I say I’ll sit pretty when I feel like it, I definitely won’t shut up, I fucking curse, I eat what I want when I want and choose to teach my daughter AUTHENTICITY over some ideal I didn’t create and don’t agree with.

Pretty… or not-so-pretty.

And regarding submission and the men with those expectations – the only place that will ever happen with me and with the RIGHT one, is in the bedroom.  

And in my experience those emotionally unavailable, objectifying, me-Tarzan-you-Jane types never have the balls to take it there in that arena, so instead they play mind games to compensate for their lack of ingenuity and self-esteem.

Know This

Other people’s choices have everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. Don’t feel like shit because someone else spewed their lack of self awareness, self respect and self love onto you.

– @krisdelarenta

The old paradigm of programming is DEAD.  Respect is a minimum. Come correct with yourself and let go of anyone who can’t treat you on-level. I speak from experience.

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