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Just got on the retinol wagon. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking “what the heck” a retinol is.  Well there are a few differenct types of retinols, including retinoid and retina.  Long story short (but I recommend researching, they basically take off dead skin and tighten.  The difference is the strength.  I’ve learned there are those that also thin the skin.  Those are the ones I stay away from, and are usually only prescribed by doctors.  I warn you to be careful because they can be VERY harsh if you don’t know what you’re doing.  The skin has to build up resistance, similar to how the body does with certain medications.  I didn’t know this and I speak this story from experience:

I started with #Replenix 3x, which is green tea based formula and very mild.  It tightens and resurfaces but does NOT thin the skin.  I did this for about two weeks at every other night.  Then, in my cocky genius, I  hit a .05 formula a friend gave me from her dermatologist.  I applied this 2 nights in a row.  BIG MISTAKE.  The 2 days after that were brutal.  I felt like I had a SUPER intense sun burn on my face that would not soothe.  Day 3 was better as I was mostly peeling, thanking the heavens the sunburn feeling on my face is gone.  I’m soothed the area with Caudalie Cru night creme, a natural grape derived brand from France.

The upside: all the problem red areas around my nose and on my chin that I’ve had since having my daughter 3.5 years ago were diminished significantly. My pores are nonexistent, skin’s tighter and the overall texture on my face is smoother than I’ve seen my skin in years! I guess beauty DOES times.


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