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Best Royal Wedding Looks

royal wedding
Photo: @VictoriaBeckham

The Royal Wedding 2018

It’s official: the royal wedding went down and another American Actress is now a Princess!  I love it!  Yes, somewhere deep down inside is still that prince charming programming Disney put me as soon as I was able to comprehend The Little Mermaid.  Funny enough, this post is probably the first time I’ve ever admitted such a thing.

My Affinity for the UK.

I’ve studied and kept up with the beauty business trends and styles happening there for over a decade. I share a birthday with Princess Diana and have always been fascinated with the conspiracy theories of her death.  I love that short hair is predominant on women over there and that their beauty trends are approximately 6 months ahead of those here in the US.  (At least the last time I checked. )

So naturally, the fashion cocktail I witnessed was super special for me! I’ll descirbe it as an elegant timewarp.  A fashion combination of contemporary and traditional chic, blended with elegant head pieces that enveloped Old England. And worn by influential people of The Now. The aethestic was romance and fine art at it’s best!

Meghan Markle was Simply Breathtaking

royal wedding
Photo: Getty Europe

She chose a makeup look that was soft and minimal, naturally enhancing with romantically, glowing skin.  I loved that I could see her freckles! I’d say this is a perfect reference for brides and every day gals desiring that ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Her wedding dress was designed by the one and only, Givenchy. Fashion Designer Clare Waight Keller was spot on! Congruent  with the minimal energy of her makeup and hair which guided the eye straight up, showcasing her breathtaking tiara!


Below are some other looks I admired from the Royal Wedding.

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Royal Wedding
Amal Clooney Photo: Getty Europe
Royal Wedding
Photo: Getty Europe

Royal Wedding
Victoria Beckham Photo: Getty Europe

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