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Aura Alignment


Product description

You’re officially invited to a transformative Aura Alignment session, a 60-minute journey that intertwines spiritual wellness with the essence of beauty. In this serene sanctuary, I’ll connect with your spirit’s intent and facilitate harmonizing your energy centers, reflecting the layers of your aura and chakras. This process is more than just balancing energies; it’s a celebration of you, enhancing your emotional, creative, and intuitive layers from the inside out.

By aligning your spiritual and physical beauty, I aim to bring forth a renewed sense of self-love and understanding.

The session concludes with a personal reflection called a ‘Next Step’ that is designed to offer guidance and direction, helping you integrate the clarity and insights gained into your daily life, thus enhancing your inner glow and overall sense of well-being.

Session Includes

  • A live 60 minute phone/internet consultation
  • A complimentary MP3 recording of the session

How to prepare for your session:

To properly prepare for this session you will need a phone or ability to download an app. No need to take notes, a recording will be provided.


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