Career Cleansing


Product description

Step into a world where your professional endeavors mirror the essence of your creative spirit. For beauty pros and creatives, this 60-minute Business and Career Alignment session is crafted to cleanse and provide your own answers regarding the vibrational connection between you and your craft, whether you’re nurturing a fledgling concept or steering an established enterprise.

Allow me to collaborate with your spirit, exploring the synergy between your inner muse and your professional aspirations, offering insights that resonate with your unique aesthetic language.

This session is a promise of empowerment, leaving you with clarity and actionable steps to infuse your work with your personal brand of beauty.

A recording of our session ensures you can revisit and re-inspire anytime.*

Session Includes

  • A live 60 minute phone/internet consultation
  • A complimentary MP3 recording of the session

How to prepare for your session:

To properly prepare for this session you will need a phone or ability to download an app. No need to take notes, a recording will be provided.


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