Chakra Healing


The energy centers inside the body each contain their own information and experiences, providing insight into the the life you are creating today; detailing your emotions, dreams, self-image, creativity, intuitive skills and more.

In this 45 minute chakra healing session, Kris will intuitively look at your energy body while her healing guides work to align and heal your Chakras.

From a meditative state, she’ll tune into each energy center, providing you with information while activating a healing in each chakra. This session will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized and empowered with your own answers.

It will conclude with a Personal Question and Next Step, to provide you with guidance, direction and how to best integrate this new information.

Session Includes

  • A live 45 minute phone/internet consultation
  • A complimentary MP3 recording of the session

Product description

How to prepare for your chakra healing session:

To properly prepare for this session you will need a phone or ability to download an app. No need to take notes, a recording will be provided.


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