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Skyn Iceland – Facelift in a Bag Review

Try it on with me!

Skyn Iceland Face lift in a Bag

Skyn Iceland – Face-Lift in a Bag Mask

Hey guys! Skyn Iceland sent me this amazing Face lift in a Bag to try and I want to pop this baby open and try it for the first time WITH YOU!

Some of you may have read my post where I wrote about the 6 top effects stress has on your Skin, and this product lends perfectly as a facet of the solution!

But before we get into that, let’s talk real quick about how stress affects the skin.

A lot of my clients come to me with skin concerns. Whether it’s being too oily or having cystic acne as an adult – the last thing they consider is stress as a contributing factor.

I know for me, when I’ve been under continuous stress for an allotted amount of time- like right freaking now – my skin tends to get super dry or my pores enlarge, or my laugh lines become prominent or my skin just has a dull look to it overall.


Here’s a quick diagram (courtesy of Skyn Iceland) on how stress effects and may be affecting your skin

Crazy right?!

What I love about Skyn ICELAND is that the products were created for women and men 25-35 and on the go! They’re vegan, PETA approved and 100% cruelty-free!

None of that yucky stuff that those of us with certain ethics and skin allergies wouldn’t want.

Now let’s get to this mask, shall we?

Not too shabby, ay?

Wanna order it?

I found a special that includes the eye cream for you!

Check it out below!

As one of my readers, if you’re not into this product here’s a 15% for whatever suits your fancy! Seasonly late, but you can use code: 15OFFSUMMER

Have you used it? Would love to know what you think!!

Leave some comments below on your experience!

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