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Social Media, Business & Vulnerability

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Social Media, Business & Vulnerability

They say business is about being emotionless, about not being “weak.”  About not being vulnerable.  But isn’t business about people? And money?

These days social media is a vital part to ANY business.  The word social in and of itself speaks to people.

So if business is about people, then understanding the psychology behind people’s needs is imperative to creating a productive and cohesive team and maximizing profit.

Now let’s be real, I know we don’t live in a world where ethical business is the norm and we, as a society, have been conditioned to operate in a lack mentality as though there isn’t enough for everyone. As though we all don’t bring something unique to every situation we’re in, whether we know it or not.

But I believe otherwise.

I believe that ultimately vulnerability, much like change, is good.  That we are all cocreators of every vulnerable change happening in each of our individual realities or we wouldn’t be there to experience it in the first place.

And yet, no one ever said growth was painless.

On quite the contrary, pain has been one of the best motivators for me to get up off my ass and make changes for the better.  I make myself bearingly vulnerable every time I write and every time I go on or in front of the camera because the moment is all there is and worst case scenario, I grow from it.

And let’s be real: I’m willing to get dirty and it’s a necessary willingness because every time is not some graceful, fluffy outcome.

How does this relate to business?

That same courage and action of vulnerability creates a connection and that connection creates trust and that trust is what sells, whether it’s via a social outlet or in person.  I’ve learned people respond to, that’s right, vulnerability and passion.  They respond to the relativity, to my life experiences and experiences with past clients who have or had similar issues going on.

Generally speaking, there is an energy that flows from creativity (in all its forms) based in gut wrenching truth.  Which means, at times, showing the not-so-glamourous sides.

Business is Personal.

We’ve evolved to a dynamic, due to social media and it’s importance, where one’s ability to be vulnerable and true to themselves is an asset not a hindrance.

Vulnerability builds trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships build profits.

And yet, we can only meet people as deeply as we’ve met ourselves.

For me, that’s where the magic is.

From there, all the rest follows..

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