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Stop Judging the Creative Process

You are right where you should be!

Stop Judging the Creative Process
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Stop Judging the Creative Process

I’m sure you can tell from my most recent posts, I’ve been writing a lot about self awareness and improvement.  Inspiration has been driving my car in that direction since I moved home to Florida a little over two years ago, and I’m happy to say I’m in a good place with the direction of my life.

Looking back, it’s clear that the gaps from when I stopped posting as much over past 2 years was simply me judging this creative process of writing, of life.

When I first created this space in 2015, I envisioned it to be a beauty centric space on the web with product reviews, etc. Yea, I know – there are a TON of those.  But lo and behold, what it is evolving into is not only a beauty blog written from a professional makeup artist’s point of view, but a lifestyle journal as well.

If you are a beauty artist and you’re good at what you do, then you are beyond aware of the psychological aspect of this path.

I Call this Purpose

I happen to believe we are all here for a purpose: to create. Which is a process that provokes change and growth in oneself and others.

This journey comes in infinite forms and colors, and each person plays a part which, in small and large ways, next levels the whole (meaning the human race.) For me that vein is in my art – in all its various forms.

In a basic context, seeking to evolve and grow and create new ways of living is in and of itself an artform. And if we are all artforms seeking, then it’s super important not judge the process of our creation.

Stop Judging the Process

Especially when I can’t see where any of this is ultimately going to lead anyways. And it’s typically a better end game than I could’ve imagined in the first place.

This little virtual space I own is reaching more people than it did when it was solely based on products and furthermore, I feel my purpose radiating ever so gently and brighter, the more I just let go and let the process BE.

Final Thoughts

“We must get out of the way and stop doing the things that bring the results we don’t want.” -Kris

What are some ways you seek and/or create? Do you try to control outcomes? When you let this control go, what typically happens?

I’d adore hearing from you in the comments below! It helps us all!

PS- Here’s a relative post on Going With the Flow!

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